Written by Liam on 06th November 2017

Office Removals

Our good friends at Straker Lettings Devizes office required our removal services last week. We moved the lettings office to be situated about the estate agent shop.

We had our step'o'meters working overtime when moving someone from a 2nd floor flat in Bath back to Devizes.

We were blocking up traffic on Thursday in Devizes town when moving someone near the roses roundabout (Sorry!!!!)

We did a move for a lovely elderly gentleman Monday with a move form Pewsey to Marlborough.

We can do as little or as much as you require us to do. We have carved a name for ourselves as being flexible movers, this is because we have a fast varioty of veichles and experienced removals porters at our finger tips ready to spring into action!!! We have being doing removals for nearly 10 years and have applied a modern approach to it, we use the best technology, best equipemnt and the best porters too (in my opinion). We have seen and done a lot; some examples include moving a grand piano to a 3rd floor flat in Bath, relocating families to Belgum, France and Switziland and when it comes to office moves we have had the pleasure of boxing 35,000 books and delivering to auction centres across the country. We have even moved entire offices with over 30 staff in just 1 weekend ready to start work on the Monday.

Our Haulage side of the business is thriving too, and again that is simply because our ability to react FAST, we have lots of vehicles and lots of porters to get our clients goods where they need to be at a moments notice, and we do this time and time again, that's why our light haulage side works so well and why customers come back time and time again.

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