Packing Service

Packing up your house yourself is by far the cheaper way to do things and `many people might think house packing services is an unnecessary expense. With certain items you may be right, however when it comes to the more valuable items and breakables such as glass and crockery, professional packing can make the difference between success and disaster.

There is surprisingly quite an art to removal packing:- On any of our moves as standard we always ‘price in’ and include for us to 'prep' your furniture ready for moving using various types of blankets, stretch film, bubble wrap, etc. This 'prep' is usually adequate for the furniture, however you will still need to pack all of your loose items into boxes or crates ready for the removal men.

Any item can incur damage ranging from scratches to gouges and even decapitation if it is not packed properly! That is why we offer a packing service where we come in and pack your items a couple of days or even the day before your move, and we are fast too, we can generally pack a 3 bed house in a single day. 

We offer 2 pacing services:

  1. Full Pack - Where we pack everything ready for loading
  2. Partial Pack - Where we pack the breakables such as glass, china, ornaments etc.. which require quite particular packing. 

Packing services requirements differ from house to house and sometimes there will be very little reason for house packing services. In other cases it will be essential and it is always worthwhile to get some advice from us.


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